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Rs 20 Million Suit Dropped: Laurette and Son End Legal Battle



Rs 20 Million Suit Dropped: Laurette and Son End Legal Battle
Image source: Defi Media

On Tuesday 27th February 2024, Bruneau Laurette and his son Jean Ryan Luca have decided to withdraw the complaint they had lodged against Superintendent of Police Ashik Jagai and Woman Police Inspector Sheila Narainen.

They have informed Deputy Master and Registrar Vijay Appadoo of the Supreme Court through their lawyer Ayesha Jeewa, during the court hearing.

Father and son were claiming Rs 20 million in damages from Ashik Jagai and Sheila Narainen.

In their complaint, they argued that their constitutional rights had been violated, stating that their lawyer had not been able to meet them after their arrest and charges on 4th and 5th November 2022 respectively.

Bruneau Laurette claimed to have made revelations during the protest on 29th October 2022, including in the case of Soopramanien Kistnen, the Wakashio case, as well as a meeting between a senior officer and Franklin (Jean Hubert Célérine) on 19th October 2022.

In his complaint, Bruneau Laurette also said he had received threats on TikTok two days before his arrest.

He believed he had been set up on 4th November 2022, after drugs were found at his home in Petit-Verger, St-Pierre. The activist claimed that the drugs had been “planted”.

Source: Defi Media

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