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Constituency 7’s Clerk Resignation Drama Unfolds, Ramdowar Denies Allegations



Constituency 7's Clerk Resignation Drama Unfolds, Ramdowar Denies Allegations
Image source: l'Express

The Constituency Clerk for constituency number 7 Piton – Rivière-du-Rempart in Minister Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare has taken precautionary measures at the Plaines-des-Papayes police station. This follows his resignation from the position on 20th February. Amidst an alleged scandal, Veenayesing Ramdowar claims to have submitted his resignation letter due to personal issues on 8th January.

On 12th January, he was shocked to hear the allegations made against him on a private radio station. It was reported that his resignation was due to involvement in corruption, false promises of public sector jobs, and sexual harassment in exchange for work. The radio station also claimed that he had been assaulted by a group of individuals in his office.

l’Express reached out to Ramdowar for a statement and he explained that it was following these allegations that the minister had given him his marching orders. He stated that he is both physically and mentally affected by this false news. He also mentioned that he has been in touch with legal counsel and will be making a statement to the Central Crime Investigation Department regarding this matter.

Veenayesing Ramdowar stated that there is an ongoing investigation and he will share information at the appropriate time.

Source: l’Express

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