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MSM Evaluates MPs, Ministers’ Popularity Ahead of General Elections



MSM Evaluates MPs, Ministers' Popularity Ahead of General Elections

The Political Bureau of the MSM ruling party has reportedly commissioned a report to determine which Members of Parliament and government ministers will receive a new endorsement for the upcoming general elections.

According to Defi Media, the political bureau of the party has commissioned a report on ministers, MPs, Parliamentary Private Secretaries, and potential candidates. The report will evaluate their performance and popularity ratings.

Different factions are said to be clashing within the party. One advocates for a policy of continuity, arguing that it is due to the “demagogic campaigns” of the opposition that some members of the government majority are being criticised.

Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal is reportedly one of them.

Another school of thought is said to be arguing for a renewal of candidates. It believes that if the party leader had not done so for the 2019 general elections, the MSM would probably not have had the same electoral success.

According to the newspaper, MSM stalwarts Prakash Maunthrooa and Ravi Yeerigadoo are the ones working on this report.

The newspaper added that some elected officials may not have fully met the expectations of their constituents and the government. Some ministers who have held multiple terms may be called upon to take on other responsibilities. A reshuffle in the presidency of the Republic is also anticipated.

Source: Defi Media

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