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Misleading DCDM Advert Stats Report: Defi Group Files Rs50 Million Lawsuit



Misleading DCDM Advert Stats Report: Defi Group Files Rs50 Million Lawsuit
Image source: Defi Media

A complaint has been filed in the Supreme Court by Radio Plus Ltd, Le Défi Plus Ltée, Media Pioneer Ltd, and CEO Ehshan Kodarbux of Le Défi Media Group seeking damages of Rs 50 million from DCDM Marketing Research Limited.

The issue stems from alleged inaccuracies in the report “The 2019 Advertising Review” which could impact business decisions. Despite prior concerns raised by Le Défi Media Group about errors in the report, DCDM Research apparently failed to rectify the situation. The complainants were left with no choice but to take legal action.

One of the discrepancies pointed out concerns the report’s claim that Radio Plus generated Rs 194.5 million in yearly advertising revenue, when in reality it was Rs 116 million. The report also suggested that Radio One generates double the revenue compared to Radio Plus. However, the true figures are said to be indicating the opposite.

DCDM Marketing Research admitted to not verifying their data before publication. Additionally, the report claimed that L’express receives 77.6% of advertising revenue compared to Le Défi Quotidien’s 12.7%. In reality, the sale of Le Défi Quotidien surpasses L’express.

The absence of references to the website in the report is another flaw highlighted by the complainants.

They argue that the report’s findings could have ulterior motives, potentially aiming to discredit DMG’s publications and platforms. The incorrect conclusions could raise questions from the Mauritius Revenue Authority regarding Radio Plus Ltd’s declared revenues.

The stats from the Registrar of Companies for the 2017/2018 financial year on advertising revenues support the complainants’ claims.

Alexa rankings confirm as a top news site in Mauritius. The lack of mention of in the report is a significant oversight.

Source: Defi Media

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