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Monkey Breeding Dispute Erupts in Mauritius



Monkey Breeding Dispute Erupts in Mauritius

Safari park: “conflict of interest” alleged raised with the appointment of Seeruttun. Facing the press this Friday, Linley Moothien expressed his concerns following the return of Mahen Seeruttun to the helm of the Ministry of Agro-Industry.

The president of the NGO Quatre Tilapat raised alleged “conflict of interest” between the minister and a company specializing in monkey breeding in Mauritius. According to him, this appointment comes after the submission of his “damning” report entitled “Monkey Torture” that he handed over to the authorities on February 8.

The document denounces the torture, wild capture, and exploitation of monkeys in Mauritius, while pointing out the authorities’ inefficiency in protecting these animals. The report raises questions about alleged violations of laws, including the Animal Welfare Act 2013, explained Linley Moothien.

Possible conflicts of interest between organizations and monkey farms are also denounced. “This is just the beginning of the campaign. My goal is to put an end to mistreatment,” he said. He claimed to have the support of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office in this whole affair and maintains that “we will do what the law says.”

Another issue discussed: the dismissal of Vikram Hurdoyal, which has sparked much speculation and questioning. Linley Moothien alleged that Vikram Hurdoyal may have been dismissed, among other reasons, because he refused to issue an export permit for monkeys to Hammer Head International Ltd.

In March 2023, the director of this company was arrested for an alleged case of illegal breeding of 440 monkeys in Jin-Fei. Shafeek Jhummun, director of Hammerhead International Ltd, has since faced a charge of “cruelty to animals.”

Meanwhile, he recently filed an application with the Ministry of the Environment seeking his Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate for a monkey breeding farm in Le-Val.

Source: Le Mauricien

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