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LGI: Christophe Desvaux de Marigny Takes Charge as New CEO



LGI: Christophe Desvaux de Marigny Takes Charge as New CEO

Les Gaz Industriels Ltd. Board of Directors (‘the Board’) has announced the departure of Mr. Christopher Hart de Keating from his role as CEO, effective 31 December 2023. Mr. de Keating has successfully led the company for the past eight years.

Mr. Christophe Desvaux de Marigny was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of LGI, starting on 15 January 2024.

Having previously overseen the efficiency improvements of over 50 factories in Mauritius and several African countries, Christophe has gained 30 years of experience in the industrial sector, including in both technical and administrative roles.

Following a successful tenure as Director of the Sucrivoire Borotou-Koro factory in Côte d’Ivoire, Christophe has returned to Mauritius to assume his new role at LGI.

Mr. Desvaux de Marigny is confident that, with his enthusiasm and the dedication of his team, he will guide LGI and its subsidiaries through a transformation journey towards becoming a more diversified Group.

This will involve seizing business opportunities in local and regional markets, as well as establishing new partnerships and collaborations.

Source: Stock Exchange of Mauritius

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