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Vikram Hurdoyal quits politics in surprise move, sparks speculation



Vikram Hurdoyal quits politics in surprise move, sparks speculation

The Member of Parliament for the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) has resigned from politics, citing disgust with the system. Vikram Hurdoyal submitted his resignation to the Speaker of the National Assembly on Tuesday 13th February.

He expressed that he no longer wished to be involved in politics or social affairs. Hurdoyal made this decision after being abruptly dismissed as Minister of Agro-industry while returning to Mauritius from Europe.

The Prime Minister did not meet with him before his dismissal, with Hurdoyal only finding out upon his arrival. The former MP for constituency no. 10 learned of his fate when he touched down in Mauritius. Hurdoyal eventually met with the Prime Minister and both agreed not to comment to the media about the situation.

The government now faces the task of organizing by-elections in constituency no. 10 within 240 days, as required by the law. This means the process could take around 8 months to complete.

Alternatively, the Prime Minister may decide to skip the by-election and move straight to general elections. Hurdoyal’s resignation marks the end of his political career, as he distances himself from the political scene.

The abrupt dismissal and subsequent resignation have stirred discussion and speculation within the political circles of Mauritius. Hurdoyal’s decision to step away from politics underscores the challenges and dynamics of the political landscape in the country.

The resignation comes amidst a period of political uncertainty and transition in Mauritius. Hurdoyal’s departure raises questions about the stability of the ruling government and the future direction of the party.

The by-election in constituency no. 10 will be closely watched by political observers and the public. The coming months will reveal the impact of Hurdoyal’s resignation and the implications for the political climate in Mauritius.

Source: l’Express

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