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Nivedita Ramjeeawon removed from seat under problematic circumstances



Nivedita Ramjeeawon removed from seat under problematic circumstances
Image source: l'Express

Nivedita Ramjeeawon, a councillor in Roches-Noires, was removed from her seat without a clear explanation. The decision was made by her group under the Local Government Act amendments, which allow for ousting based on accusations without proof.

A letter from the party ‘Nou Village, Nou Fierte’ cited personal conduct issues as the reason for her removal. Despite requesting a more suitable meeting time, her pleas were ignored. The Chief Executive of the Rivièredu-Rempart district council declared her seat vacant, following Minister Anwar Husnoo’s directive.

Allegations against Ramjeeawon were vague, with rumours and personal matters being mentioned. She chose not to pursue legal action, considering it unwinnable. Judges have previously ruled that a party leader’s letter can lead to a councillor’s removal without further scrutiny.

The amendments to the Local Government Act failed to address concerns about the removal process. Villagers in Roches-Noires have raised complaints regarding public amenities, emphasizing the importance of development.

An incident involving a malfunctioning neon light escalated to social media scrutiny. Drainage systems have also become a pressing issue for residents. Concerns persist about the lack of transparency and accountability in the removal of councillors from their positions.

The case highlights potential abuses of power within local councils. Ramjeeawon’s removal has stirred controversy and raised questions about the underlying motives. The situation underscores the need for clearer guidelines and safeguards in such cases.

Village residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of communication and action on essential infrastructure. The impact of political decisions on local communities is evident in this case.

Lack of clarity and accountability in governance processes remains a significant concern for residents. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of unregulated political processes.

Source: l’Express

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