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Merchants Given 24 Days: Lord Mayor Challenged by Traders



Merchants Given 24 Days: Lord Mayor Challenged by Traders
Image source: Defi Media

Traders at “Ruisseau du Pouce” in Port Louis were granted a reprieve from the demolition of their structures on Monday, with the Lord Mayor assuring them that their installations would not be destroyed.

Despite this temporary relief, frustration remains high among the merchants. “Ruisseau du Pouce” has been under scrutiny since 2008, following recommendations from the Fact Finding Committee.

The merchants are set to appeal the demolition order in court on June 24, after an injunction was rejected. Mohamed Dilani criticized the Lord Mayor for overstepping the authority of the court, arguing that all actions should be paused until a final court verdict is reached.

He emphasized the importance of respecting the rule of law in this matter. The Lord Mayor warns that the structures at Pouce Rivulet will eventually be destroyed, regardless of the extension granted.

There is uncertainty over how long the merchants will be allowed to continue operating at “Ruisseau du Pouce”. Dilani insists that the court’s decision should be honored and all actions be put on hold until the legal process is complete.

The reprieve given on February 9 failed to pacify the merchants’ discontent. The ongoing situation raises concerns over the rights of the merchants and the jurisdiction of local authorities.

Source: Defi Media

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