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Alan Ganoo Dismisses Anti-Tania Campaign by Detractors



Alan Ganoo Dismisses Anti-Tania Campaign by Detractors
Image Source: Defi Media

Anti-Tania Diolle campaign: Alan Ganoo comes to the rescue of his protégée. “I do not agree that today, on the 14th, when I hear that there is a certain campaign being carried out against Tania Diolle by certain quarters.”

Words of the leader of the Mouvement Patriot Morisien, Alan Ganoo, during a regional meeting in constituency number 14 (Savanne/Rivière-Noire) on Sunday, February 4th.

He strongly criticized the smear campaign which, according to him, Tania Diolle is currently facing. Some members of the Socialist Militant Movement (MSM) have criticized the PPS, especially after the floods caused by cyclone Belal.

She found herself in a difficult situation following a new collapse of the wall at the Saint-Jean cemetery. In addition, Diolle openly questioned the management of this situation, leading to a conflict with the Mayor of Quatre-Bornes, Dooshiant Ramluckhun.

The Minister of Transport, Alan Ganoo has clearly indicated to the detractors of the PPS that he has chosen to form an alliance with the leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, saying: “I recognize only Pravind Jugnauth.” He also emphasized that he has never worked against his government colleagues and MSM supporters.

He then called for teamwork with the MSM, Steven Obeegadoo and Ivan Collendavelloo “because we are in a national alliance and not ‘putting the banana peel to slip. Do they know me, i will never talk bad about my colleagues?”

Alan Ganoo stressed that even if he is not always seen with his colleagues in the constituency, “but when we strike, we strike together.” Petty politics is not good and we are not afraid of the opposition.

Source: Defi Media

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