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Dengue Crisis: 130 Cases – Govt commits to Fight Back



Dengue Crisis: 130 Cases - Govt commits to Fight Back

Cabinet has been made aware that as of 01 February 2024, there were 130 active cases of Dengue fever in Mauritius. A triage and monitoring protocol for Dengue fever patients is currently being implemented across all hospitals. Domiciliary Monitoring Units have been established in each Health Region to provide care for Dengue fever patients in their own homes.

A multi-sectoral Committee on Dengue fever met on 30 January 2024, with representatives from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, the Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management, the Municipal and District Councils, the Special Mobile Force, the National Environment and Cleaning Authority, the Tourism Authority, and the Press.

The Committee discussed various issues, including the situational analysis, detection of active cases and testing protocol, strategies for sensitisation campaigns, vector control activities such as cleaning campaigns, larviciding, and fogging, as well as monitoring the stock of drugs and consumables.

Source: Mauritius Cabinet Papers

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