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Mauritius Dumps 225.7 Kilos of Food Every Minute, New Law Underway



Mauritius Dumps 225.7 Kilos of Food Every Minute, New Law Underway
Mauritius Dumps 225.7 Kilos/Min: Bold Law Aims Food Fix

Mauritius is facing a significant food waste problem, discarding 225.7 kilograms of food per minute.

To address this issue, a proposed legislation has been drafted following the Attorney General’s recommendation.

The legislation aims to mitigate the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food waste.

Despite rising food prices, the country experiences an annual wastage of 118,632 tonnes.

The proposed law mandates food industry operators to donate unsold, consumable food to charitable organizations, with operators eligible for a tax credit.

Charities are protected from liability for the donated food’s condition. Penalties for non-compliance include fines and imprisonment.

The legislation seeks to reduce environmental impact, address economic losses, and tackle food security and hunger issues.

Mauritius aims to implement measures to cut food waste, reduce its ecological footprint, and contribute to global conservation efforts.

Source: Defi Media

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