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Central Bank Governor’s BMW Crash: Pedestrian Seriously Injured, No Witnesses



Central Bank Governor's BMW Crash: Pedestrian Seriously Injured, No Witnesses
Central Bank Governor Harvesh Seegolam

An accident involving Harvesh Kumar Seegolam (41 years old), Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, occurred on the highway around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday, in front of St. Antoine Church in Port-Louis.

He was reportedly behind the wheel of his blue BMW X5 when he collided with a 32-year-old pedestrian.

The resident of Eau-Coulée sustained serious injuries and was found on the ground by the police upon their arrival.

An ambulance took him to Jeetoo Hospital where he is currently under observation. Due to his serious condition, the police were unable to obtain his statement.

According to Defi Media, Harvesh Seegolam was taken to the Trou-Fanfaron police station where he underwent a breathalyser test, which came back negative.

He has not been implicated at this stage of the investigation. The accident scene reportedly had dry and well-lit road conditions.

Aside from the two individuals involved, no witnesses reportedly observed the incident.

The area where the accident occurred is not covered by any cameras from the Safe City Network.

Source: Le Mauricien

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