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43 New Lawyers Join Mauritius Bar



43 New Lawyers Join Mauritius Bar
Image source: Le Mauricien - 43 Fresh Faces Join Legal Elite: Bar Swearing-In Ceremony

On 27th Jan , 43 new lawyers were sworn in at the Supreme Court, with Acting Chief Judge Nirmala Devat presiding over the ceremony.

In her speech, she commended the new lawyers for their dedication and sacrifices throughout their journey.

She emphasized that lawyers play a crucial role in the administration of justice and reminded them of their responsibilities to their clients, the court, and themselves.

Devat also stressed the importance of maintaining impeccable conduct in accordance with the legal profession’s code of ethics.

The ceremony concluded with the traditional invitation for the new lawyers to take their seat at the Outer Bar, a historical practice observed in London’s Inns of Court.

New Members of the Bar:

43 New Lawyers Join Mauritius Bar

Source: Le Mauricien

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