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Woman Survives Shocking Rape Ordeal; 3 Suspects Held



Woman Survives Shocking Rape Ordeal; 3 Suspects Held
The three suspects held by Police. Photo: Defi Media

In a harrowing incident that unfolded during a burglary, a 31-year-old woman of Quatre Bornes fell victim to a violent sexual assault perpetrated by three intruders. Though still reeling from the shock, she courageously shared her experience with Défi Plus from her hospital bed.

“I prayed they wouldn’t kill me”, she began. On that fateful evening, she had taken medication before retiring around 9 p.m. to ease the pain from an accident she had suffered days prior. “I had an accident on Sunday. I was in pain, so I took medication before going to bed”, she recounted.

“I didn’t hear them enter. When I woke up, I saw the men hovering over me, putting pressure on my neck”, she continued. The perpetrators gained access to her home through a backdoor.

Thus began the nightmare for the young woman. “Don’t cry, don’t move, or we’ll kill you!” they warned her. She revealed that they proceeded to make her inhale chloroform, attempting to render her unconscious. The woman lost consciousness before regaining it about ten minutes later, by her estimation.

“When I regained consciousness, I felt my hands and feet bound, unable to see due to the blindfold they had put on me. I could hear them talking, three or maybe four voices. One of them sounded very familiar,” she further recounted.

To avoid drawing attention, she pretended to remain unconscious. “I pretended to be still unconscious, asleep, and snoring. I was scared that if I moved, they would kill me”, she explained. The woman did her utmost to maintain her composure.

“At one point, I had to move my arm, and they held the chloroform near my mouth again. But even that didn’t make me lose consciousness. I kept my mind clear”, she said. It was at that moment that she was raped. “At that moment, my only concern was to stay alive. I told myself to be patient. I prayed they wouldn’t kill me’.

Afterwards, she overheard the perpetrators arguing amongst themselves. “One of them blamed another for wasting gasoline to come here for nothing. They settled for the little money, Rs 800, and an old mobile phone. I don’t keep any jewellery at home. They searched my son’s room, who thankfully wasn’t home that night”, she revealed.

The ordeal lasted nearly three hours before they finally left. Once freed from her restraints, the woman waited a few minutes before notifying her neighbour. Quatre-Bornes police were alerted and promptly arrived at the scene.

Investigators from the Western Division apprehended the three sought-after suspects: Jean Francois Govinden, 33, Javed Musafar Modabaccus, 22, and Arassen Mooroogiah, 31. These homeless individuals were located in a dwelling in Rose-Hill. They appeared before Rose Hill Court on Friday, January 26, 2024, where they were provisionally charged with rape. 

During questioning, Jean Francois Govinden revealed his familiarity with the premises, having previously worked there as a cleaner. Javed Musafar Modabaccus and Arassen Mooroogiah also confessed to their involvement, recounting how they entered the house and encountered the victim.

They admitted to tying her up but claimed it was Jean Francois Govinden who committed the act of sexual assault. According to their accounts, they used the opportunity to search other rooms in the house for money and valuables.

Source: Defi Media

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