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Former Met Director Strikes Back: Legal Battle Begins



Former Met Director Strikes Back: Legal Battle Begins
Image source: l'Express - Former Met Director Strikes Back: Legal Battle Begins

The former director, Ram Dhurmea, of the Vacoas meteorological station plans to take legal action following his forced resignation.

He has retained the services of Senior Counsel Gavin Glover to initiate court proceedings, potentially for constructive dismissal or challenging the resignation before the Supreme Court.

The former director denies ever submitting his resignation letter and only learned of his removal from the press.

The Prime Minister expressed disappointment in the decision, attributing it to information provided by the meteorological station.

Meanwhile, Anwar Husnoo has assumed the role of head of the weather station and hinted at a possible lifting of the cyclone alert.

However, the director clarified that the alert level would not be lifted due to a change in the cyclone’s trajectory.

The Ministry of Local Government, not Husnoo, has responded to the situation, accusing the former director of providing inaccurate information about the cyclone.

They claim that he had suggested the risk of the cyclone approaching Mauritius was highly unlikely and had been prepared to lift the alert level.

The Ministry has suspended him immediately.

Source: l’Express

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