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Mauritius Urged to Support South Africa’s Genocide Complaint Against Israel



Mauritius Urged to Support South Africa's Genocide Complaint Against Israel
Israeli Genocide: Death Toll Exceeds 21,500. Photo Credit: Reuters

The South African government has filed a complaint accusing Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, after months of relentless bombardment resulting in over 22,300 casualties and widespread destruction.

Members of SOMALP, a branch of the left-wing party Lalit, have submitted an open letter urging the Mauritian government to support South Africa’s referral of Israel to the International Court of Justice for genocide.

SOMALP emphasized the need to sever diplomatic ties with Israel and points out the desecration of vital facilities and the toll on vulnerable groups.

Mauritius Urged to Support South Africa's Genocide Complaint Against Israel

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

They commended South Africa’s bold stance and assert that this action strengthens Mauritius’ fight against illegal colonisation.

SOMALP expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and supports efforts to hold Israel accountable for intentional genocide, believing such actions are crucial for justice, peace, and human dignity.

Meanwhile, Israel is reportedly planning to launch a diplomatic offensive ahead of hearing at the International Court of Justice on South Africa’s ‘Genocide in Gaza’ claim

The Israeli foreign ministry has instructed its embassies to push diplomats and politicians to issue statements against South Africa’s case to pressurise the ICJ to not issue an injunction that orders Israel to halt its military operations in Gaza, Axios reported, citing cables.

Source: Le Mauricien

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