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Seychelles Shines as Africa’s Wealthiest Nation, Mauritius is 2nd



Seychelles Shines as Africa's Wealthiest Nation, Mauritius is 2nd
Seychelles Shines as Africa's Wealthiest Nation, Leaving Competitors Behind!

Seychelles Surpasses Mauritius and Libya to Become Africa’s Wealthiest Nation Seychelles has been hailed as Africa’s wealthiest country, according to Global Finance Magazine.

With a GDP and PPP of $39,662, the archipelago nation ranks 56th globally.

The thriving tourism sector, attracting over 317,915 visitors and injecting $873 million into the economy, has been a driving force behind Seychelles’ economic success.

The magazine also notes the trend of small nations outperforming in terms of wealth and resilience during economic downturns.

It further emphasizes the importance of considering GDP per capita and PPP, alongside GDP, as measures of a country’s wealth.

The Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Qatar top the global rankings, while South Sudan, Burundi, and the Central African Republic lag behind.

Source: BNN

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