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SEMDEX Index Declines, Continues Downward Trend



SEMDEX Index Declines, Continues Downward Trend
SEMDEX Index Declines, Continues Downward Trend

SEMDEX, the main index on the stock market, experienced a decrease of 0.33% over the past week.

The start of the current week was also unfavourable, with a loss of 0.11% on December 18. SEMTRI, another key index, also dropped from 8,801.59 points to 8,772.88 points during the same period.

The decline in SEMDEX can be attributed to various actions, including MCBG and SBMH remaining unchanged in their values.

The conglomerates sector, represented by IBL, ROGERS, and ENL, also showed no significant changes.

However, hotel stocks like LUX and SUN saw declines.

The downward trend of SEMDEX continued into the new week, with more trading activities but no improvement in the index value.

SBMH also didn’t perform well, ending at the same price, and hotels NMH and LUX remained unchanged.

Source: Defi Media 

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