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SBM Capital Markets Ltd Named “Best Brokerage Services” 



SBM Capital Markets Ltd Named "Best Brokerage Services" 
SBM Capital Markets Ltd Named "Best Brokerage Services" 

SBM Capital Markets Ltd, a subsidiary of SBM (NBFC) Holdings, has received the “Best Brokerage Services” award at the 2023 Africa Global Funds Providers Awards.

The CEO of SBM (NBFC) Holdings, Shailen Sreekeessoon, stated that this award demonstrates their ability to innovate and realize their strategy of product and service diversification.

SBM Capital Markets Ltd has achieved various accomplishments, including providing direct access to international financial markets and utilizing the latest technology with their online trading platform and mobile application.

They have also introduced services like intra-day trading and leverage, established a secondary office for Mauritian rupee bonds, and launched options trading for securities listed on NYSE Arca and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

These factors were taken into consideration by the Africa Global Funds magazine team when awarding SBM Capital Markets Ltd.

Source: Defi Media

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