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CEO’s Disgraceful Behaviour Spoils End of Year Party



CEO's Disgraceful Behaviour Spoils End of Year Party
CEO's Disgraceful Behaviour Spoils End of Year Party

A CEO’s alleged disgraceful behaviour at his organisation’s End of Year Party has become the talk of the town.

Apparently already facing scrutiny for his controversial actions within the state-owned company, the CEO – whose name has been retained – is said to be “in a difficult situation”.

According to Le Mauricien, the party, spanning two days at a private estate, was attended by Board members, Top Management, and a minister on the first day.

After the official program, the CEO apparently became intoxicated and his alleged inappropriate behaviour drew complaints from employees.

Further embarrassment ensued when he mistakenly introduced popular singer and the star of the party, Bigg Frankii as Franklin (a controversial drug trafficker) much to the surprise of the singer and those present.

Le Mauricien newspaper cited employees as calling for swift action against the CEO, stating they can no longer tolerate his behaviour.

Source: Le Mauricien

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