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“Zombie” Drug Crisis: Dozens Admitted in Just One month



“Zombie” Drug Crisis: Dozens Admitted in Just One month
“Zombie” Drug Crisis: Dozens Admitted in Just One month

Xylazine, what is known as the “Zombie Drug”, is emerging in the local drug scene, causing growing concerns among authorities and healthcare professionals.

Initially developed as a sedative for large animals, the “Zombie Drug” is being increasingly abused by humans, resulting in dramatic consequences.

Dr. Anil Jhugroo, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist at the Brown Sequard Psychiatric Hospital in Beau-Bassin, has unveiled the “horrifying reality” of a growing epidemic sweeping the nation. “Over the past 30 days, a dozen patients have been admitted to the psychiatric hospital after consuming the zombie drug,” he told Defi Media.

Dr Jhugroo explained that xylazine is mixed with heroin, and around fifteen cases have been reported in various regional centres across the country. “Other patients who have confided in us claim that users of this drug faint or find themselves in a zombie-like state,” he added.

That’s why it is imperative to provide emergency aid, he said, as the patient may experience seizures, fainting, or overdosing at any moment.

Social workers are sounding the alarm in Mauritius as the threat of the “zombie drug” begins to loom over the country.

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