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Carjacking: Thief Steals Car with Owner’s Daughter Inside



Carjacking: Thief Steals Car with Owner's Daughter Inside
Image source: l'Express - Carjacking: Thief Steals Car with Owner's Daughter Inside

A harrowing incident unfolded on Thursday night as a thief carjacked a vehicle with a seven-year-old girl still in the back seat.

The car belonged to a 43-year-old father who had momentarily left his Mini Cooper parked near the CIM Finance office in Rose-Hill.

Inside the car were his 27-year-old wife and their two children, aged nine and seven. As the man had his back turned, he heard his son cry out for help.

When he turned around, he saw his son running towards him and a man driving away in his car at high speed. His wife was on the road, with injuries to her knees and elbows.

The suspect had allegedly dragged her out and violently pushed her on the ground.

Panicked, she informed him that their daughter was still inside the stolen car. The couple sought help before receiving a call from an unknown person who told them that their daughter was near the Plaza and promised to bring her back.

The thief had dropped off the child near the Plaza before making his escape in the stolen vehicle.

The couple went to the Rose-Hill police station to report the incident before heading to Victoria Hospital in Candos for treatment.

Thanks to the efforts of Sergeant Rughoobar from the Curepipe Criminal Investigation Division, the thief, identified as Erwin Nathan Jaires Legrand, was apprehended, and the car was recovered.

Authorities have confirmed that Legrand, a 28-year-old mechanic, was involved in a separate hit-and-run incident in Moka, leading to his capture.

Their stolen car contained several personal belongings, including tablets and house keys.

Source: l’Express

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