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World Bank Grants $184 Million for Plaine-Corail Airport Expansion



World Bank Grants $184 Million for Plaine-Corail Airport Expansion
World Bank Grants $184 Million for Plaine-Corail Airport Expansion in Rodrigues

The regional assembly of Rodrigues has received approval from the World Bank for the expansion of Plaine-Corail regional airport’s runway and other associated infrastructure.

This marks one of the most significant projects to be undertaken on the island. The World Bank has granted financing of $184 million for the airport expansion.

Additionally, the European Union has contributed with a donation to Rodrigues. The project was proposed by the central government. Johnson Roussety, the Chief Commissioner, announced this development during a press conference in Port-Mathurin on Saturday.

Roussety clarified that the project was entirely initiated by the regional government of the Alliance Libération.

He further explained that negotiations commenced after the previous financier, the French Development Agency, withdrew from the financing consortium.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth then approached the World Bank to secure the necessary financial resources for this substantial undertaking.

In March 2022, a delegation from the World Bank visited Rodrigues to assess the situation. Roussety highlighted that a prerequisite for the World Bank was the revival of the Sustainable Integrated Development Plan for Rodrigues (SIDPR), which has now been accomplished.

He stated, “It took a long time before we could move forward with this project. We will have a new runway, which had already been approved in 2007 when I was Chief Commissioner. After some delay, AFD withdrew its support.”

Source: Le Mauricien

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