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CEB Officer-in-Charge Quizzed by ICAC



CEB Officer-in-Charge Quizzed by ICAC
CEB Officer-in-Charge Quizzed by ICAC

CEB’s Officer-in-Charge, Rajden Chowdharry, was questioned by the Financial Division of the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID) regarding a complaint against Joanna Bérenger of the MMM in the Corexsolar case.

Chowdharry alleged that Bérenger’s statements during a press conference on September 16 had harmed the CEB, and investigators aim to pinpoint specific inaccuracies.

The police possess some documents related to the case but not the complete set due to confidentiality clauses.

Joanna Bérenger is expected to be summoned to the CCID for questioning. She will first address the complaint by Chowdharry and then confront allegations made by Minister Joe Lesjongard.

Investigators also have a written transcript of the September 16 press conference. Bérenger will be called to verify or refute her statements before being interviewed.

The police have initiated two separate investigations in connection with this press conference, following complaints by Chowdharry and Lesjongard.

Source: Le Mauricien

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