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Rodrigues Ships 32-Ton of Vegetable to Mauritius



Rodrigues Ships 32-Ton of Vegetable to Mauritius

In a significant move to bolster its agricultural exports, Rodrigues has shipped a large quantity of fruits and vegetables to Mauritius.

A fresh cargo weighing 32.25 tonnes, including pumpkins, peppers, lemons, watermelons, bananas, pineapples, and grapefruits, arrived in Port Louis at the end of last week aboard the Peros Banhos.

This shipment has notably contributed to the local market, supplying one tonne of peppers, 8.5 tonnes of pumpkins, 5.5 tonnes of watermelons, and 15.7 tonnes of lemons.

Benefiting from favorable weather conditions in recent months, Rodrigues has experienced a surge in agricultural production.

Heavy rains have proved advantageous for crop cultivation, leading to increased yields.

Moreover, the island is embarking on a significant infrastructure project to enhance agricultural capabilities.

The construction of a reservoir project in Anse-Baleine, aimed at facilitating irrigation through rainwater harvesting, is slated to undergo an international tender process later this year.

Driven by a desire to establish regular exports to Mauritius, Rodrigues is actively encouraging its farmers to sustain food crop cultivation.

The island authorities express pride in their ability to contribute to the local markets, emphasizing their commitment to supporting agricultural livelihoods and ensuring food security in the region.

Source: Le Mauricien

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