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Businessman, ex-Assistant and 3 MT Employees Arrested



Businessman, ex-Assistant and 3 MT Employees Arrested
Businessman, ex-Assistant and 3 MT Employees Arrested

Businessman Danesh Ellayah, who is closely associated with Sherry Singh, ex-CEO of Mauritius Telecom, along with four other individuals, have been arrested by officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Among the arrested individuals are three employees from the Technical and Procurement departments of Mauritius Telecom. They appeared in the Port-Louis and Rose-Hill district courts this Friday to face corruption charges.

They were released after posting a bail of Rs 15,000 and sign a recognizance of debt for Rs 50,000 each.

The three employees of Mauritius Telecom (MT) are Yogendresing Soobul, Chief Innovation Officer at MT, Chandra Kumar Ramkissoon, Head of Mobile Services at MT, and Dharmadutt Gokulsing, Head of Sourcing and Supply Chain at MT.

A provisional charge of “Public official using office for gratification” has been brought against them. They were also released on bail.

The ICAC investigation focuses on the supply of equipment to MT during Sherry Singh’s tenure as CEO. The anti-graft commission suspects irregularities surrounding the allocation of multiple contracts to Danesh Ellayah’s company and the pricing at which he provided these equipments.

The three MT employees are suspected of conspiring with Danesh Ellayah to secure multiple contracts for various projects, including the supply of “Smart Boxes” to the telecommunications company. The indictment specifies a sum of Rs 412 million for this project.

This morning, the five suspects were arrested during simultaneous operations conducted by the ICAC. In the early afternoon, Danesh Ellayah and Sundeep Kumar Rambhojun were brought before the Rose-Hill Court. The three other suspects, Yogendresing Soobul, Chandra Kumar Ramkissoon, and Dharmadutt Gokulsing, appeared before the Port-Louis court and were required to post a bail of Rs 50,000 and sign a recognizance of debt for Rs 200,000 each.

Several other suspects will reportedly soon be interviewed as part of this investigation. This marks the second arrest of Danesh Ellayah in this case. He had recently been apprehended by the Special Stricking Team, along with former MT CEO, Sherry Singh.

Source: Defi Media

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