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Mauritian journalist faces police complaints for insisting on courtroom access



Mauritian journalist faces police complaints for insisting on courtroom access
Radio Plus journalist Al Khizr Ramdin insisting to enter courtroom. Photo credit: Defi Media

Two senior police officials have lodged complaints against Radio Plus journalist Al Khizr Ramdin after a heated exchange outside a courtroom. 

According to reports, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gokool accused the journalist of ‘molesting a public official’ – having levelled “inappropriate remarks” against him at the Port-Louis District Court on Tuesday, May 16.

The incident reportedly occurred during the proceedings related to lawyer Rama Valayden’s appearance. The court was engaged in debates regarding the motion to remove the provisional charge against Valayden, following his arrest by the Special Striking Team (SST) on Friday.

A heated exchange took place between police officers assigned to the court and Ramdin as the latter insisted on being granted access to the courtroom – to which police officers refused on the ground that there were no free seats inside.

Al Khizr Ramdin challenged the claim, insisting that the hearing was open to the public.

Eventually, the ‘Court Usher’ of the Port-Louis court intervened, allowing Ramdin to enter and follow the debates. Rama Valayden’s lawyer, Mr. Panglose, informed the magistrate of the incidents that took place shortly before the start of the session.

The video of the incident has gone viral.

Another deposition has been filed by Inspector Jeetoo against the journalist for ‘disturbance.’

Al Khizr Ramdin has been summoned to Pope Hennessy Police Station on Thursday to give his version on these two statements.

In a statement to the press on Wednesday afternoon, May 17, the journalist maintained that he was only doing his job.

Source: Defi Media

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  1. N Wilson

    17/05/2023 at 21:37

    If the court usher allowed tge Journalist in.. we’re there spare seats?
    If there were then the officer was lying and at fault bug time.
    If no seats were available then the Journalist should have got up earlier.
    Were other Journalists already in the public seating?
    Lots of questions mot many answers

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