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Mauritius celebrates its best high school achievers



Mauritius celebrates its best high school achievers
Celebrating the 2022 laureates. Photos: Defi Media, l'Express, Le Mauricien

Mauritius is celebrating the laureates for the Cambridge Higher School Certificate Examinations (HSC) 2022.

The HSC Laureates come from the following institutions: Royal College Curepipe (10); Royal College Port Louis (6); Queen Elizabeth’s College (9); Droopnath Ramphul State College (1); Dr Maurice Curé State College (6); College du Saint Esprit (2); Doha Secondary School (2); Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College (1); Forest Side State Secondary School Girls (1); John Kennedy College (1); Dr James Burty David State Secondary School (1); Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School Moka (1); Mahatma Gandhi Institute Moka (1); Loretto College Quatre Bornes (1), Rodrigues College (4). As for the HSC Professional Laureates 2022, they attended: Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School Moka (1); and Belle Rose State Secondary School (1).

The full list of laureates can be viewed here.

Their university studies are fully-borne by the State.

Source: Mauritius Examination Syndicate

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