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Arvin Boolell: Govt’s Cash Splash Funded by Taxing Citizens



Arvin Boolell: Govt's Cash Splash Funded by Taxing Citizens
Image source: Le Mauricien

In a scathing attack on the government’s budgetary plans, the leader of the opposition, Arvin Boolell, revealed that all measures announced during the 2024/25 budget are entirely funded by public money.

Speaking during the opening of the budget debates on Monday, June 10, Boolell expressed concern about the impact these multiple state donations will have on the finances and public debt, which is already on the rise.

“If the state wants to spend more, it’s by taxing more,” Boolell emphasized.

“The state has no other source of money except the money of the population.” He reiterated that there is no such thing as “public money” – only taxpayers’ money.

“Whatever the government implements will be done with the money taxed from the population itself.”

Boolell’s comments came as the government has made promises to increase pensions and minimum wages, support specific industries, provide a monthly allocation to schoolchildren, and give Rs 20,000 to individuals reaching adulthood, among other expenses.

This has raised concerns about the risk of an inflationary cycle and deprecation of the rupee.

“The only thing shrinking faster than the rupee is the MSM,” Boolell joked, referring to the government’s media mouthpiece.

He then revealed that he had obtained information that “money from the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MIC) has been transferred overseas.”

Boolell’s statement has sparked concerns about the government’s financial management and transparency.

The opposition leader has called for greater accountability and transparency in budgetary decisions, stating that the current trend may lead to further economic instability and debt accumulation.

Source: Le Mauricien

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