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Audit Chief Quits, CWA Accused of Abuse and Bias



Audit Chief Quits, CWA Accused of Abuse and Bias

In a shocking move, Yousra Lalmahomed, the head of the Internal Audit department at the Central Water Authority (CWA), has resigned, citing a lack of independence and a culture of abuse. In a scathing letter to General Manager Prakash Manthrooa, Lalmahomed detailed the reasons for her decision.

According to the letter, Lalmahomed has been subjected to verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, and retaliation since she began identifying internal problems and reporting them to management.

She claimed that her role requires independence and objectivity in reporting her findings, but she was met with hostility and disrespect.

Lalmahomed highlighted two memoranda dated March 29 and April 5, respectively, which were issued under Manthrooa’s authority.

She alleged that these memos contain unfounded, discriminatory, and defamatory accusations against her. She argued that her responses, dated April 16 and May 27, 2024, showed a persistent pattern of harassment she has been facing.

Furthermore, Lalmahomed expressed concern about the lack of approval for the Internal Audit Plan 2023/2024 by the CWA’s Board of Directors.

She argued that this has left the Internal Audit department without strategic direction and hindered its progress.

Despite her efforts to address these issues, she claimed that no significant action has been taken.

In her resignation letter, Lalmahomed praised her team’s work and remained confident in her abilities and experience.

However, she has been deeply disappointed by the current situation and is seeking new opportunities where her work will be valued and her independence respected.

The CWA’s Board of Directors has received a copy of Lalmahomed’s letter. She will remain in her position until June 30, giving her a month-long notice period.

When approached for comment, General Manager Prakash Manthrooa declined to respond to the allegations. The matter is set to be discussed at a forthcoming CWA meeting.

Source: Defi Media

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