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Rs 962,000 Jewelry Theft, 2 Maids Suspected



Rs 962,000 Jewelry Theft, 2 Maids Suspected

Curepipe’s Criminal Police and the Field Intelligence Office (FIO) of the Central Division are hot on the trail of two maids suspected of stealing jewelry from their employer’s residence in Midlands.

The victim, a 43-year-old businesswoman, reported the theft to the local police on Monday, June 3.

According to the victim’s statement, she discovered that jewelry worth approximately Rs 962,000 had gone missing from her home.

The stolen items include gold bracelets, rings, a chain, and earrings. The victim believed that the theft occurred between February 10 and June 3, 2024, when she noticed the jewelry was missing.

The stolen jewelry was kept in a makeup bag that was placed between clothes in a compartment of a sofa in the room occupied by her father.

The victim has pointed her suspicions towards the two maids who work for her, both of whom reside in Rivière-des-Anguilles.

The maids have not been seen at the victim’s residence for several days.

The police have obtained a warrant to arrest the two maids for further investigation. They are expected to be apprehended soon.

The investigation is ongoing, and more details are expected to emerge as the police gather evidence and conduct further questioning.

Source: Defi Media

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