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Minister Kavy Ramano Embroiled in Notary Controversy



Minister Kavy Ramano Embroiled in Notary Controversy
Image source: Defi Media

A recent correspondence dated April 29, 2024, has sparked a new controversy surrounding Minister Kavy Ramano. The document, which concerns the location of a plot of land in Queen Victoria, Flacq, belonging to a cooperative society, bearing the signature of one of his employees at his law firm.

The document was circulated on social media by MMM Deputy Joana Bérenger, who posted a video on Facebook. The document appeared to be signed by the employee in Ramano’s name.

In response to the controversy, Minister Kavy Ramano issued a statement on June 4, explaining the situation.

He stated that he had informed the Association of Notaries as soon as he was appointed Minister of the Environment that he would no longer be practicing as a notary from that date.

Ramano also emphasized that “no one is authorized to issue documents in my name as a notary.”

RadioPlus attempted to contact the Minister of the Environment for further clarification on the matter, but he remained unavailable for comment. As a result, we were unable to obtain more information on this issue.

Source: Defi Media

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