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Water Woes Ahead: 2 Days of Disruptions in the North



Water Woes Ahead: 2 Days of Disruptions in the North

Residents of the northern region of the island are advised to expect irregular water supply on Wednesday and Thursday, May 30, due to maintenance work being carried out by the Central Water Authority (CWA) at Rempart Dam.

The affected areas include several villages, including Les Mariannes, Congomah, Belvédère, Montagne-Longue, Notre Dame, and surrounding regions.

According to a statement issued by the CWA yesterday, May 28, the authority is working to restore the water supply as soon as possible.

To mitigate the impact of the disruption, the CWA has made available a fleet of tankers to supply water to the affected areas.

It is essential for residents to take necessary precautions to conserve water during this period, particularly for essential uses.

The CWA is doing everything in its power to minimize the disruption and restore normal water supply services as soon as possible.

Source: Le Mauricien

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