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RHT’s 70-Yr Anniversary, Now Set to Go Green by 2030



RHT's 70-Yr Anniversary, Now Set to Go Green by 2030
Image source: Le Mauricien

RHT Holding Ltd, a diversified conglomerate with a significant presence in Mauritius and Africa, is marking its 70th anniversary. The company’s journey began modestly as a local bus operator in 1954, and has since grown into a global player with a reputation for innovation, resilience, and expansion.

During the celebrations, Sidharth Sharma, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RHT Holding, reflected on the company’s history and the numerous challenges it has faced over the years.

“We weathered storms, including strikes, that shook the very foundations of this industry,” he said.

Sharma also highlighted the company’s transformation from a private to a public entity, listed on the stock exchange since 2001.

“This transition not only widened our horizons but also instilled a strong culture of corporate governance, making the company more appealing to investors and stakeholders alike.”

RHT Holding has consistently innovated over the years, particularly in the areas of technology and gender parity.

The company introduced the first female bus drivers and conductors in an industry previously dominated by men.

Sharma also highlighted the introduction of the metro, which represented a significant challenge for the group but also propelled it towards a new business model.

“We have cemented our position as a full-spectrum mobility solutions provider, both locally and on mainland Africa,” Sharma said.

“We have set ambitious goals to decarbonize our fleet entirely by 2030. As we chart the course for the next 50 years, sustainability will be a cornerstone of our strategy and will drive us towards a greener and more viable future.”

Paul Chung, Chairman of RHT Holding, praised the company’s resilience and commitment to transparency, integrity, and best practices.

He was pleased that RHT Holding was the first operator to introduce electric buses, Wi-Fi on board, and the concept of Chef on the Bus, among other innovations.

“Our net asset value cannot be measured merely by financial metrics but by the value of the RHT brand and its impact on our communities,” Chung said.

Mauritian President Pradeep Roopun congratulated RHT Holding on its 70th anniversary and paid tribute to its founders who had visionarily established the company.

He acknowledged the company’s significant contribution to Mauritius’ economy and praised its efforts to promote women’s inclusion.

Founded on April 9, 1954, RHT Holding began operations with five buses serving the Rose-Hill/Port-Louis route.

The company was founded by visionary entrepreneurs Juggarnath Goburdhun, Michael Leal, Goolam Mamode Kureeman, France Maugeret, and Ng Kiam Sin during a period of transformation in Mauritius’ transportation industry.

Under the leadership of late Sanjiva Goburdhun, RHT Holding grew stronger, driven by an commitment to innovation and excellence.

In recent years, RHT Holding has strengthened its position as a leader in mobility solutions not only in Mauritius but also in continental Africa.

Its operations include RHT Bus Services, subsidiaries ICL and ICL Zambia, which provide solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT), fleet management, and building services in Mauritius and Zambia. FleetPro Services Ltd offers comprehensive full maintenance lease and vehicle maintenance services.

FLO Mobility Services specializes in shuttle services, driver services, personnel transportation, terminal management, and parking management.

RHT Investment is involved in various investment activities, including forex trading. RHT Africa is a pan-African provider of intelligent mobility solutions. Meanwhile, IZY.MARKET is an e-commerce platform facilitating online sales.

As RHT Holding looks to the future, sustainability and innovation remain at the core of its strategy.

The company has set ambitious goals to decarbonize its entire fleet and constantly reinvent its commercial model to adapt to changing market demands and environmental responsibilities.

Source: Le Mauricien

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