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Casino Employees Demand Better Pay and Working Conditions



Casino Employees Demand Better Pay and Working Conditions

A rally was held today, May 28, at Curepipe, Mauritius, by employees of the Casino de Maurice, demanding improved pay and working conditions. The main demands included being paid on Sundays, as stipulated in the Worker’s Rights Act, and a significant salary increase of 24%.

Ashok Subron, the union representative, stated that the employees’ general assembly will be held on June 6, where a decision will be made on the next course of action.

The employees are seeking better recognition and compensation for their work.

When contacted by phone, a representative of the Casino de Maurice, who wished to remain anonymous, acknowledged that it is a legal right for the union to hold a protest.

However, they disputed the claim that employees are not paid on Sundays as per the Worker’s Rights Act, adding that there was no complaint filed with the Ministry of Labour.

The casino representative also expressed concerns about the financial situation of the casino, citing a significant decline in revenue and customer numbers.

They emphasized that finding the 24% salary increase demanded by the employees could be a challenge.

The Casino de Maurice employees are seeking better working conditions, including fair pay and respect for their rights.

The rally is a clear indication of their frustration and dissatisfaction with the current situation. The outcome of the June 6 general assembly will be crucial in determining the next steps for the employees.

The demand for better pay and conditions is not unique to the Casino de Maurice employees. It is a common issue faced by many workers across various sectors in Mauritius.

The government’s implementation of the Worker’s Rights Act is crucial in ensuring that workers receive fair compensation and benefits.

As the standoff between the Casino de Maurice employees and management continues, it remains to be seen whether the demands will be met or if further action will be taken.

The fate of the casino’s financial situation and the well-being of its employees hang in the balance.

Source: Defi Media

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