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2 Officers Lost at Sea: Coast Guard on High Alert



2 Officers Lost at Sea: Coast Guard on High Alert
Image source: l'Express

A dramatic incident occurred in the early hours of Monday, May 27, when two police officers stationed at the Piton Detention Centre went missing at sea after their boat capsized in the La Passe St-Géran area of Poudre-d’Or.

The National Coast Guard (NCG) of Poudre-d’Or responded to the distress call and rescued two of the officers, but two others remain missing.

According to reports, four police officers were on board the boat when it overturned, tossing its occupants into the turbulent waters.

The NCG was alerted to the incident and quickly dispatched a team to the scene, with two Coast Guard boats and an inflatable vessel joining the search and rescue efforts.

The operations have been ongoing since the early hours of the morning, with a team from the Poudre-d’Or NCG and another from Grand-Gaube working together to scour the lagoon for any signs of the missing officers.

In addition to the Coast Guard vessels, a Heavy Duty Boat is also operating outside the lagoon to cover a wider area.

In a further development, a helicopter, known as the Dhruv, was deployed this morning to aid in the search efforts.

The authorities are working tirelessly to locate the missing officers, and all available resources are being utilized to ensure their safe return.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, with many expressing concern for the well-being of the missing officers.

Source: l’Express

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