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Risky Holes in Port-Louis Sidewalks, Time to Fix



Risky Holes in Port-Louis Sidewalks, Time to Fix
Image source: Le Mauricien

The definition of a sidewalk, according to the dictionary, is the side part of a street, elevated above the road and reserved for pedestrian circulation. In Mauritian cities, many sidewalks are a trap for pedestrians.

They are not of the same height, constructed with different materials, and poorly maintained, often featuring holes that can cause serious accidents.

The hazardous condition of the sidewalks in Port-Louis, the capital city, is raising questions about the authorities’ responsibility to ensure public safety.

The Case of Dr. Perdreau Street

One example of such a hazardous sidewalk is found on Dr. Perdreau Street, which runs from Victoria Bus Station to Royal Road opposite the Casernes.

This busy street is a major thoroughfare in the capital city, but its sidewalks are in a deplorable state.

The left-hand side of the street features a large hole that could potentially cause pedestrians to trip, fall, or even break their legs.

The hole appears to have been dug for the installation or repair of traffic signals, but it has never been filled.

Contrast with Modern Bus Station

Just a few meters away from this hazardous sidewalk lies the recently renovated Victoria Bus Station, which is fully compliant with 21st-century standards.

The stark contrast between the modern bus station and the neglected sidewalks is jarring and raises questions about the authorities’ priorities.

A Call for Accountability

The authorities responsible for maintaining roads and streets in Port-Louis must assume their responsibilities and take action to address this issue.

It is unacceptable that pedestrians are forced to navigate such hazardous conditions every day.

It is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs, and it is imperative that the authorities take immediate action to prevent such an event.

The condition of the sidewalks in Port-Louis is a clear indication of the lack of attention paid to public safety by the authorities.

It is essential that immediate action is taken to repair and maintain these sidewalks to ensure that pedestrians can move safely and comfortably through the city. Anything less would be irresponsible and would put innocent lives at risk.

Source: Le Mauricien

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