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SWELL WARNING: 4-Meter Waves to Hit Mauritian Shores Tonight



SWELL WARNING: 4-Meter Waves to Hit Mauritian Shores Tonight

A stormy weather alert has been issued for Mauritius as of 10:30 am on Monday, May 20. The warning will be in effect from tonight at 22:00 hours and will remain valid until Thursday, May 23, at 16:00 hours.

According to a statement released by the meteorological station, the forecast is indicating that the high seas will be strong to very strong, with waves of approximately 4 meters.

These waves will mainly affect the lagoons in the southwest, south, and east of the island, and may overflow onto low-lying coastal areas during high tides.

The public is strongly advised to avoid venturing out to sea and to steer clear of these beaches. Fishermen, yachtsmen, and the general public are particularly warned to take necessary precautions.

The areas most prone to flooding are expected to be the coastal regions with low-lying terrain, where waves may crash during high tides.

It is recommended to avoid any potentially hazardous activities until the stormy weather alert is lifted.

Source: Defi Media

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