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Crime Spikes in Mauritius, Justice System Reforms Urged



Crime Spikes in Mauritius, Justice System Reforms Urged

In a recent episode of “Au cœur de l’Info” on Radio Plus, a panel of experts discussed the escalating criminality in Mauritius and proposed reforms to strengthen the country’s justice system.

The debate came on the heels of a series of violent incidents, including gang-related clashes, which have raised concerns about the effectiveness of the police and the justice system.

According to Me Siddhartha Hawoldar, an advocate, the need for reforms is urgent.

“It is clear that an urgent reform is necessary, but it requires a genuine willingness to change and improve.”

He stated that the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill (PACE) could disrupt the system if implemented hastily. Instead, he suggested proceeding with incremental reforms, starting with measures such as establishing a code of conduct for police officers, a police academy, and studies on policing.

Me Hawoldar also emphasized the importance of changing mentalities.

“It is crucial to change the way we think about policing. We need to instill a sense of accountability and respect for human rights.”

He suggested introducing a judge’s investigator to oversee investigations and ensure that justice is served.

Khushal Lobine, an advocate-parliamentarian, agreed that reform is necessary.

“It is imperative to reform the police force by providing officers with the necessary resources to do their job effectively and creating a conducive environment for their development.”

He also added that revamping the police force’s infrastructure, including uniforms and equipment, is essential.

Lobine also highlighted the growing violence in Mauritius, which is attributed to a culture of gang warfare.

“The war between gangs is a reality, and it’s a threat to our society. The perception that the police have abandoned their role is a concern.”

Ravi Rutnah, another advocate, agreed that the criminal justice system is outdated and needs to be revamped.

“We have a system that creates criminals. We’re perpetuating crime by wasting taxpayer money on it.”

He emphasized the need for a comprehensive overhaul of the system, including reforms to the prison system.

The panelists’ proposals included:

  • Establishing a code of conduct for police officers
  • Creating a police academy
  • Providing training and resources for police officers
  • Introducing a judge’s investigator to oversee investigations
  • Revamping the police force’s infrastructure
  • Revising the police service system
  • Increasing salaries for police officers

The debate highlighted the urgent need for reforms to address the growing criminality in Mauritius.

By implementing these proposals, the country can work towards creating a more effective and efficient justice system that prioritizes public safety and respect for human rights.

Source: Defi Media

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