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Appointment Controversy at Air Mauritius: Darrel Nallan’s Promotion Questioned



Appointment Controversy at Air Mauritius: Darrel Nallan's Promotion Questioned

Whistleblowers are criticizing the recent appointment of Darrel Nallan as Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) at Air Mauritius, claiming it defies all logic, corporate governance principles, and human resources management practices.

Since taking the helm at Air Mauritius, CEO Charles Cartier has been inundated with letters of denunciation.

This week, copies of letters sent to Cartier at the end of April were leaked to the press, with damning allegations regarding Nallan’s appointment.

In a letter dated April 28, 2024, the whistleblowers argue that Nallan, who lacks qualifications and experience in human resources, was previously employed in the IT department and later as an administrator of Electronic Flight Bags within the flight operations department after an internal vacancy.

The decision to appoint Nallan as HRBP without relevant qualifications has raised concerns among the whistleblowers, who believe it warrants an investigation.

The letter alleged that Nallan, with a background solely in IT, was appointed as HRBP through a questionable selection process.

Claims of favoritism, conflicts of interest, and a lack of adherence to principles of fairness and integrity have emerged in this scandal.

The appointment is said to have been orchestrated by a dubious duo, comprised of Jean Bernard Sadien and Anba Manikham, with the aim of granting Nallan complete control over human resources operations at the airport.

Whistleblowers claim that the objective is to allow Darrel Nallan to take control of human resources operations at the airport, in anticipation of the imminent retirement of Roshni Purmessur, the current department head.

This move is said to aim at positioning Nallan as the “big boss” at the airport, similar to how Anba Manikham, former Senior Manager Cabin Operations, was recently promoted to Senior Manager of the Ground Services World Wide department with an initial assignment in London Gatwick, but has since been suspended from all duties.

The whistleblowers raised concerns about the lack of transparency in the selection process that led to Nallan’s appointment, highlighting the absence of specific qualification criteria for the HRBP position in the job vacancy notice.

Additionally, the composition of the interview panel is questioned, with individuals of questionable competence participating in the selection process.

The whistleblowers are calling for an immediate investigation into Nallan’s appointment, questioning if the appointment was confirmed, by whom, and on what basis.

They also expressed concerns about Nallan’s access to sensitive confidential information within the human resources department and his hierarchical connection to individuals criticized in the letter for their lack of competence and integrity.

The denunciation letter concluded with a series of recommendations, including the temporary transfer of Nallan to his original position pending the outcome of the investigation and measures to be taken against the individuals mentioned in the letter.

The whistleblowers urged Air Mauritius CEO Charles Cartier to seriously consider their allegations and act promptly.

Source: Le Mauricien

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