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200 Bangladeshi Workers Facing Expulsion over Unpaid Salaries



200 Bangladeshi Workers Facing Expulsion over Unpaid Salaries
Image source: Defi Media

Nearly 200 Bangladeshi workers in Mauritius are facing imminent departure as their work permits have expired.

They brought their complaints to the Ministry of Labour, citing non-payment of their last month’s salary and poor living conditions.

Reaz Chuttoo describes the conditions as inhumane, with beds arranged side by side in cramped rooms, leaving little privacy. Additionally, the toilets and bathrooms were in a deplorable state.

The workers’ employer allegedly made it clear that it was their responsibility to maintain the dormitory.

Chuttoo questioned how employees who work all day and do overtime will find time to clean their living quarters.

He condemned the practices of companies and employers who brought in foreign labour, highlighting the importance of ensuring former employees are paid before they leave the country, as they cannot pursue the company for non-payment once they are gone.

An investigation has been launched into the workers’ complaints, with company management, Labour Ministry officials, and Bangladeshi workers’ union representatives meeting to discuss the situation.

It appeared that the work permits of these workers expired once the projects they were hired for were completed, necessitating their departure from the country.

However, they will only leave once they have received their National Solidarity Fund contributions, according to a source close to the Labour Ministry.

In the meantime, they will remain in their dormitory and receive free meals provided by their employer until all departure procedures are finalized.

Source: Defi Media

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