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Only 4.4% of Mauritian ICT Leaders are Women, Inequality persists



Only 4.4% of Mauritian ICT Leaders are Women, Inequality persists

On the occasion of International Women’s Day in the ICT sector, Aspen Global Incorporated is focusing on the importance of female representation in the technology industry.

The company is committed to inspiring young women to pursue careers in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

According to Statistics Mauritius, female representation in the ICT and engineering fields remains low, with only 8,035 women employed.

Only 4.4% of Mauritian ICT Leaders are Women, Inequality persists

“Despite its status as a pillar of the Mauritian economy and legislative efforts to reduce gender inequalities, women in the ICT sector represent only 4.4%, with significant underrepresentation in leadership positions,” Aspen Global Incorporated explained.

According to the company, one of the stereotypes is the perception that ICT and engineering are incompatible with the female identity, which is a social construct.

“Thus, the ideal professional model in these sectors is generally associated with a dominant male figure in leadership. These stereotypes often lead to biases, inaccurate assessments, and generalizations.”

One of Aspen Global Incorporated’s missions is to combat these stereotypes in order to address challenges and reduce systemic biases in the industry. Indeed, the contributions of women within Aspen Global Incorporated serve as role models for women aspiring to join the technology field.

Sheila Miller, Senior Manager – Digital & Technologies in the Digitalisation & Technology department, highlighted the benefits of gender diversity in leadership.

“Companies that adopt a balanced gender diversity in leadership benefit from above-average profitability. They experience better decision-making and greater employee engagement,” she explained.

With this in mind, she encouraged young women considering a career in ICT. She emphasized the dynamic nature of the field amidst global technological advancements.

Source: Defi Media

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