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SIM Re-registration: Opponents Call Out Operators for “Harassment”



SIM Re-registration: Opponents Call Out Operators for "Harassment"
Image source: Defi Media

Despite the court ordered status quo in the context of SIM card re-registration, opponents of this exercise are not backing down.

The “Kolektif Pa Tous Nous Sim Card” is calling on the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) to instruct telecommunications operators to “avoid harassing the public and to reconsider the SIM card re-registration process pending the Court’s decision on the matter.”

The collective has written a letter to the ICTA to this effect, a copy of which was obtained by Le Defi Quotidien.

The collective refers to the telecommunications operators’ communication campaigns encouraging subscribers to re-register their SIM cards before April 30, 2024.

According to the officials, “these campaigns are causing a great deal of confusion in the minds of the general public and may be interpreted as a disregard for the Court’s decision to maintain the status quo until May 13, 2024.”

The second point raised by the opponents concerns the denounced uncertainty about the retention of ‘selfies’.

According to the collective, the SIM card re-registration process does not include subscriber consent or a guarantee that their data will not be shared. It is also not specified whether the photos will be destroyed once the exercise is complete.

Source: Defi Media

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