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New App Reveals Environmental Update



New App Reveals Environmental Update

The theme of International Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, was “Planet vs Plastics.” The aim of this day was to bring together students, businesses, local communities, individuals, and non-governmental organizations to call for an end to plastics for the sake of both health and the planet.

Several events were organized to highlight the importance of environmental protection and preservation.

Earth is sending out a call to action as millions of people are affected by heatwaves, forest fires, and floods, while climate change, pollution, and human impact are putting unbearable pressure on ecosystems.

As part of this day, on April 23, the Ministry of Environment announced the launch of a mobile application called MoNatir.

This app will provide the public with environmental information such as air quality index, penalties for major environmental offences, details on waste management facilities, public beaches, and weather information, among others.

Additionally, legislation is being prepared for the management of post-consumer PET beverage bottles to achieve a collection and recycling rate of at least 80% in the short term.

On April 24, as part of the same global day, a new range of construction materials made from construction and demolition waste was launched by Gamma Materials.

The Ministry of Environment supported this launch by stating that a strategy for construction and demolition waste is being developed to allow backfilling or leveling with only inert components of construction and demolition waste, as well as reusing and recycling non-inert materials such as plastic, wood, paper, and steel.

Projects in progress include collaboration with the French Development Agency on organic waste composting and dry waste recycling.

Additionally, the evaluation of tender submissions for the establishment of an integrated waste treatment facility is near completion, with the contract expected to be awarded soon.

This facility will include a composting plant and sorting unit, as part of a public-private partnership. With support from the United Nations Development Programme, regulations have been developed to make waste sorting at source mandatory for households, institutions, businesses, and industries.

Source: l’Express

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