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Shamima Mallam-Hassam Re-elected Chairperson of Mauritius Finance



Shamima Mallam-Hassam Re-elected Chairperson of Mauritius Finance
Image source: Mauritius Finance

During the Mauritius Finance (MF) Board of Directors’ third Annual Meeting on April 19, 2024, Shamima Mallam-Hassam was reappointed as Chairperson.

Priscilla Balgobin-Bhoyrul was also elected as Vice-Chairperson. The meeting saw the addition of 10 directors across various sectors in the financial services industry.

The esteemed directors representing diverse sectors include:

  • Management Companies: Shamima Mallam-Hassam, Rama Sithanen, Rehma Imrith, Shahed Hoolash, Gordon Stuart TEP / FPSA / CTA, Varounen Goinden, and Rizwana Ameer Meea
  • Accounting/Auditing Firms: Anthony Leung Shing
  • Banks: Sangeetha Ramkelawon
  • Law Firms: Priscilla Balgobin-Bhoyrul
  • Licensees under Securities Act: Ahmad Sookia
  • Other Sectors: Fazeel Soyfoo

Source: Mauritius Finance

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