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Phase 2 Unveiled: Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan Renovation by Evolis Properties



Phase 2 Unveiled: Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan Renovation by Evolis Properties
Image source: l'Express

Evolis Properties has announced the launch of Phase II of the Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan this month.

This new phase is characterized by a diverse range of offerings such as retail, dining, and spaces specifically designed for light industrial activities such as crafts, design, and interior decoration, among others.

The new storefronts are in a 3,000m2 space, marking the continued transformation of the former Floréal Knitwear factory in Mangalkhan.

This project is the first urban rehabilitation project led by Evolis Properties, a subsidiary of the CIEL Group, since 2022.

The urban rehabilitation project aims to convert the former textile factory into a modern space focused on inclusive and sustainable economic development, in line with emerging trends and new lifestyles.

Phase I of the project was launched at the beginning of last year, offering workspaces for rent, a coworking space, health and wellness services, a variety of restaurants, shops, and even a gym.

All available spaces were rented out within a few months. Phase II enhances the experience of Phase I, with daily visits from 800 to 1,000 people to the Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan.

Olivier Laure, head of Evolis Properties Ltd, explains the approach to the project: “Our rehabilitation project has always aimed to redefine the relationship with this space, transforming it into a vibrant urban destination.

Today, we can say that we have created a unique place where people come to work, eat, exercise, see health professionals, let children engage in creativity, and shop.

Phases I and II of the Nouvelle Usine represent a destination where people gather, get inspired, and explore, where every corner tells a story and the experience becomes a memorable urban adventure in this part of the island.”

For Phase II, “we have chosen to invite committed brands and creative companies,” he added.

“We are very pleased with the interest that these small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have shown in our new space. Visitors will discover a whole new commercial space where artisans, creatives, and SMEs come together to offer a unique experience. Today, consumers are looking for places with an atmosphere where they can experiment and discover new things.”

In Phase II, visitors will find various storefronts such as the kitchen designer Nobilia, Furniture on Time Ltd furniture, Deco Design Ltd interior decoration, Lara Ltd candles, artisans and creators of My Pop Up Store Ltd, Timeless Treasures upcycling, Authentic Bloom Ltd floral creations, and The Rug Factory Ltd.

Additionally, there will be two learning offers: Alaprann Mauritius for online learning and the acrobatics school Impulsion Gymnasium. In terms of dining, Puff & Pies and Kuumba Coffee are available.

The design and activation of Phase II of the Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan have been entrusted to Eugénie Rousset, a branding and placemaking specialist and founder of La Place Collaborative, and Elizabeth de Marcy ChelinChabert, artistic director and founder of In Situ.

They have developed a stimulating and functional path for visitors. Their main goal was to carefully select a variety of tenants who share the same values and vision for the Nouvelle Usine.

They wanted to create synergy among them to ensure a dynamic and attractive atmosphere in Phase II. The ambition is to make the Nouvelle Usine “a real place of life, sharing, and networking.”

A series of cultural and festive events are planned to maintain excitement and enhance the experience for all residents and visitors.

The revitalization of Evolis Properties’ real estate will continue, with Phase III scheduled for the end of the year.

“In this modern era, where speed and efficiency often dominate our lives, it is increasingly important to give meaning to our urban spaces. The Nouvelle Usine Mangalkhan is no longer just an old industrial building but now emerges as a creative and authentic ecosystem, meeting the growing need for connection in our contemporary societies,” concluded Jean Noël Wong, Chief Executive Officer of CIEL Properties.

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