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Revamping Curepipe Metro: Proposals Open for La Vigie Terminal



Revamping Curepipe Metro: Proposals Open for La Vigie Terminal
Image source: Defi Media

The government aims to promote active participation from the private sector and mobilize private investments in national infrastructure development projects.

The goal is to modernize the economy and foster job creation while promoting social integration in the general economy.

In line with this objective, promoters with the necessary experience, expertise, and resources are invited to submit proposals for the development and operation of a modern Urban Terminal in La Vigie, Curepipe.

The project follows the announcement of an extension of the downtown Curepipe metro line to La Vigie.

The Urban Terminal in La Vigie will be a major transportation hub in a strategic part of downtown Curepipe.

It also aims to contribute to the revitalization of the city center, among other objectives. It is expected to be an iconic building, hosting mixed-use development.

According to the EDB, “this project will contribute to the revitalization of the city center, improve the image and identity of the city center by introducing high standards of building design and public domain improvements, facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and the disabled, thereby enabling more efficient use of state land, continuous public transport, facilities, and road infrastructure.”

Prospective applicants have until Tuesday, May 28th to submit their proposals.

In a statement released by the Economic Development Board, it is emphasized that a leased land, under the terms and conditions outlined in the request for proposals document, will be made available to the selected promoter.

Last December, Steven Obeegadoo hinted that the Urban Terminal, which includes the development of a metro station in La Vigie, will also include a market, taxi stand, swimming pool, bus station, as well as commercial and recreational spaces.

It is worth noting that the government will not participate, directly or indirectly, in the financing of the project at any stage of its development, outside of the incentives detailed in the request for proposals.

Source: Defi Media

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