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Plaisance: R 21 Million Seized Heroin, Recipient Deceased



Plaisance: R 21 Million Seized Heroin, Recipient Deceased
Image source: Defi Media

The Police Headquarters Special Striking Team (PHQ SST) made another major bust on Monday, April 08.

In the span of ten days, this is the second large drug smuggling case detected by the squad led by ACP Dunraz Gungadin and Superintendent Ashik Jagai.

Information obtained by the police commissioner’s office led detectives to the PATS warehouse in Plaine-Magnien.

Armed with a search warrant issued by the Grand-Port magistrate, the detectives targeted a specific package.

This package arrived in the country on March 19th on an Emirates flight from Thailand.

An initial examination of the contents revealed clothing items such as shorts, pajamas, bags, and wallets.

However, precise intelligence suggested that these products contained narcotics, leading to a more thorough examination that confirmed the investigators’ suspicions.

Indeed, several packages containing ingeniously concealed drugs were discovered by the detectives, working in conjunction with the Customs Anti Narcotics Section (CANS).

This was after dismantling wallets, handbags, among others. Upon weighing, the seized drugs totaled 1.4 kilograms, with a street value estimated at Rs 21 million.

As of Monday, the police had not yet identified the recipient of this package. It was addressed to a man named Anthony R. from Batterie Cassée in Port-Louis.

Starting their investigations, the Special Striking Team members discovered that the intended recipient of the drugs is already deceased.

“Even the deceased do not rest in peace in the cemetery,” ACP Gungadin emphasized during a press conference on Monday.

He stated that the police plan to obtain a court order to trace the owner of the cell phone number listed on the merchandise.

Source: Defi Media

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