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Agaléga’s Development Blueprint Mandated by Jugnauth



Agaléga's Development Blueprint Mandated by Jugnauth
Image source: l'Express

The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, has announced that he has instructed his office to prepare a master plan for the development of Agaléga.

He was responding to a question in Parliament yesterday from the new chief whip, Kavi Doolub.

The Prime Minister indicated that a committee will work with other ministries and the Outer Islands Development Corporation to develop various sectors on the island.

Jugnauth mentioned the protection of the beach from erosion, safeguarding historical sites, developing sports facilities, enhancing the fishing industry, improving healthcare services, promoting agriculture and livestock, upgrading educational facilities, constructing housing, and enhancing the workforce.

Regarding commercial flights to the island, Pravind Jugnauth stated that discussions will be needed among different partners and government departments to establish an entry point in accordance with the law and to provide suitable accommodation.

He also emphasized the importance of training personnel.

For the maintenance and operation of the jetty and airstrip, the Indian government has offered assistance to the Mauritian government.

These two infrastructure facilities will soon be under the responsibility of the police.

Source: l’Express

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